Monday, October 24, 2016

Baptism dates have all fallen through

This week went by super fast and felt like we weren't really able to get anything done. It was kinda depressing because all of our baptismal dates have fallen through and nobody came to church. But, we continue and this week we're just going to kick butt in a different area where we haven't worked before.

This transfer is literally flying by. It was really weird this week because the days went by really really fast. Yesterday we saw a little miracle. We were contacting the last street in the area where we've been working, like the only street we hadn't walked on yet. And we got about halfway down and we were pooped man, like drained and our legs hurt. Idk why but for some reason we were pooped. And we contacted a house and a lady came out and started talking to us and then told us that she's a member of the church! So we shared a little message with her and her granddaughter and it was really cool because she granddaughter isn't baptized and the grandma wants her to come to church with her as she works on being reactivated in the church! So, a little miracle, and hopefully the sister missionaries can be a big help to the little girl since we'll be passing them over to the sisters. It was really cool!

As far as the people we've been working with, things are a little slow. Maria has now told us that she's basically sure that she's going to split up from her husband/boyfriend. So we hope that soon we'll see more progress and a baptism or two as we work with both of them!

On Tuesday we had a Zone meeting and it was really interesting. As a mission we have standards or goals that we try to reach. For example, 2 investigators in church each week. But this week they upped the standards. So now the standards are a little bit more of a challenge to reach and encourage us missionaries to work harder and continue finding. IT really involves more finding and continually having people that actually progress. So it's 2 investigators in church each week, but they should be 2 new investigators in church each week. For example, I have a family of 3 coming to church one week, and should have 5 people coming the next week. Something like that. All the goals have kinda been changed like that to encourage us to work a little better. So that was cool and interesting. Makes the work a little more challenging.

I really don't know what else happened this week, it went by wayyyyy too fast.

Ummmmm but yeah that's about it!

Love you all!


Pics from the mission-wide conference that we had a couple weeks ago --
 Vega Baja throw back with the tigres!
 me and Elder Henriod
me with Hermana Galan and Elder Colon from Caguas!

Sending home los muertos on transfer day!

on an exchange with Elder Moss
when the Puerto Rican wants his music

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