Monday, October 17, 2016

San Juan

This week turned out really good. It's always kinda a rush to work on Saturdays when you understand that Saturdays in the mission are super important days to get people to come to church. So we had a list of like 10 people like normal that we wanted to commit to church. And we walked all over San Juan trying to get these people to come on Sunday. It was ridiculous because it always seems like when you have the most things to do, when you are in a huge hurry, people offer you food. But when it's the middle of the week and there's nothing going on, nobody offers us food. So we crammed ourselves full of food super fast and then continued walking to try and get everyone to church.

It was really cool because Maria and her daughter and her husband came to church. Her husband was a huge surprise to me. But he said he loved the church and that he's going to continue coming!! Now the problem is just that we have no idea what they want to do. Maria has said that she wants to move to Texas and that her husband (boyfriend) Franklin will stay here. But now they're coming to church as a family and I have no idea what they want to do. That's literally all we're waiting on to be able to baptize them!! They're super ready!

2nd surprise of the week was when we went to church and I gave a talk. I knew I had to give the talk, so I prepared it. But what I didn't know is that the young woman that was supposed to talk before me forgot to prepare a talk. So my talk that was supposed to be 10 minutes long, turned into 25 minutes because I had to cover all her time. So in the end it turned out good, but I literally said everything I knew about my topic. I was literally out of stuff to say. It was kinda nerve wracking.

Last Monday, as a mission we went out to Aguas Buenas for a mission wide testimony meeting. It was really cool, made me realize that really there's not a ton of missionaries in Puerto Rico. But the spirit was really, really strong there and it was super special to be able to see all of the mission friends. I have bunch of pics but I can't send them from the computers we're using. Sooooo sometime I'll get the pics out to everybody.

In working with my district this week, I've seen just how important each part of the work is. It's important to find people, but we have to have a balance in our work. It's like the gospel. We might be really strong in one part of the gospel but we have to be continually working to get better in the other parts to be able to help others in turn find their way back to the path. So share the gospel! Because that too is one of the parts of the gospel that everyone needs to get better at!

Love you all!!

Elder Zack Nelson
Puerto Rico San Juan Mission testimony meeting 

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