Monday, October 3, 2016

Conference and amazing miracles!

This week we saw some really amazing miracles! And Conference was amazing as always.

On Wednesday I had an exchange with Elder Moss from Pontezuela. We were here in San Juan working in my area and it was basically just a normal day, we hadn't had a ton of success. But the cool part came when we got to 3pm. Because the night before we planned to contact a specific street at 3pm in order to find someone to baptize quickly. And that's exactly what we did! We were contacting the street and got to a house that I thought I had contacted before but we yelled at the door anyway. Then a lady came out and we gave her a card and she started talking to us in English and we felt it from that very moment that she was super special. So her and her brother-in- law invited us in and we talked and talked and talked. She had read a book about Mormon missionaries and what they do, but couldn't remember. So we explained and then she asked if we have a book she could read. Well, of course! So we explained the Book of Mormon and she loved the explanation. She said she wants to read it all and find out all the details about the book. Awesome. Still feeling the spirit super strong. Then we kept talking and she told us that 3 years ago she began to pray to find the right path and that this was the first time she has ever let anyone come in to talk to her and her family about anything religious. She felt it and we explained the Holy Ghost and she felt it and understood and then accepted the baptismal date for the 16th of October. She's ready. Her daughter is ready. We were put in her path moments before she was going to leave to pick up her daughter because our Heavenly Father knows His children. He knows what they need. We were inspired to contact this street at 3 because He knew who would be there. Her name is Yassiry, her daughter is Jaelynn, and her brother-in-law is David. As of right now the mom and daughter are preparing to be baptized on the 16th. Miracle.

Second miracle came on Friday. I was on an exchange with Elder Orr and we went to teach Maria who has a date for the 9th. We taught a lesson completely guided by the spirit and the member we brought with us was inspired and just nailed it. It was such a solid lesson, addressing all of her doubts about baptism. Then she committed to come to General Conference. And she came with her daughter. She loved it. So we'll see where this family goes.

Conference was awesome! The talks were great as always, but really I found that the speakers focused on reading the Book of Mormon, praying, living the Plan of Salvation, and repentance. I love how simple the gospel continues to be as the world gets worse and worse. We just need to live it simply. And nothing else. He just wants us to try, to do our best. And then He will bless us.

I know without a doubt that this church is true and that it is the only true church. The only church of Jesus Christ, where we can be baptized and therefore given the opportunity to reach the Celestial Kingdom. Only in His church. Only through the restoration of His gospel. It's true and we receive testimony of it every day.

I love you all!

Elder Zack Nelson  
 Sock ties at conference
 Us 4 elders with Bishop Morales and his wife, and Maria at Conference   
 We ate real Mexican food and it was really good

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