Monday, October 31, 2016

This week was so good!

Sooooo really quick because I don't have much time left. This week was super cool. We had a lot of success working with members and even though it didn't feel like things went the way we wanted, the results showed. We were able to bring 4 investigators to church on Sunday and this coming Sunday Maria's daughter, Yarielis, is going to get baptized.

With Maria we've had some really cool experiences. This week she found some bogus info on the internet about the church but with her strong testimony she was able to really just push all that garbage aside. So that was a huge win for us! The second thing was when one night Elder Munoz and I both really felt that while we work with Maria to get her married, that we should baptize her daughter. So we went and we talked with Maria and it turns out that she had felt the same thing! She felt like she wants her daughter to have the blessings of the gospel. And then she invited her other daughter to come to church on Sunday and she came! It was really cool. She has such a strong testimony.

Last week we found a less active lady and her non-member granddaughter. And it was really special this week because the Primary had an activity for the kids and she went and loved it and we got her super excited to be baptized and she accepted the date for the 13th and everything. So we passed her over to the sisters and soon she'll also be baptized. It was really cool just how much she changed when we began to talk about baptism and stuff. The gospel changes lives!!

Today we had a zone activity, and we got to go bowling as a zone and it was really fun. It's crazy that all these elders that I've known since the start of my mission are heading home soon! And then I'll be home in like 7 months almost!

On Sunday we ate like pigs, a lot of members invited us over and so we ate lunch, dinner, and more dinner with root beer floats! We had to search all over San Juan for Root Beer, apparently it really doesn't exist here on the island. What a shame!

Ummm that's about it. We're just really excited for the next few weeks because finally the district will be baptizing here in San Juan.

The church is true and I love it.

Love you all!
Me and my companion, Elder Munoz.  Bowling zone activity today.
Zone activity today -- Bowling!
me and Elder Ruiz
me and Elder Clavel

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