Monday, April 24, 2017

Bautizamos Papa


I'm doing a little blog because they're about ready to kick us off the computers here in the library....

This week was really interesting. On Tuesday we got a new companion. So we're in a trio. His name's Elder Flores and from what we understand he was put with us because he made a mistake and wanted to go home. But after a week of working with us, today he called President and said that he wants to stay in the mission! It was really cool to be there.. we don't know what made him change his mind but we're just proud that he wants to stay!

Oh yeah and Natasha got baptized!! It was really cool. The baptism was packed and we had a lot of people there participating in it! Natasha was seriously a miracle... she just got here from the states and it was really cool to see the blessings of the gospel in her life as she learned and accepted the doctrine of the gospel! Her and her family will be huge parts of the ward here in San German!

We're teaching a 19 year old Dominican guy named Juan, he's part of a program that's here representing a few countries as runners... like these guys run like 10 meters per second. Idk what that is in US terms but it's fast. One of the guys he lives with is the 2nd fastest runner in the DR. You could say we're hanging with the famous guys. They're like Olympic runners... But anyway Juan has a baptismal date for the 14th of May and he's super excited for it! It's super fun to teach Dominicans... One of them is a super tall Guatemalan!! They're all really cool.

Herbert is still allli alli... he came to church, we just have to get him to accept to be baptized this next week and we'll be golden!!

Lot's of good stuff happening lately, and it's been fun to work lately!

Love you all!!

T-minus 7 weeks HAHAHAHA WOOOOOO not trunky

 So here's Julio (recent convert of  Elder Corales) ready to baptize his daughter Natasha Gomez

 Cabo Rojo district meeting!

 in the hands of my companion
 Exchange with Elder Glissmeyer!
 selfie pa ti
 me and Nestor el viejito
Chuleta from the Chuletada after Natasha's baptism! (btw chuletas are really good)

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