Monday, April 10, 2017

Man MIRACLES are awesome!

This week was super cool! Honestly we've been working just to see miracles. And it's paid off. It has really paid off. When we act with REAL faith, the Lord can work miracles in our lives. But if we just settle, then there's no faith and there's no miracles. NEVER STOP PROGRESSING. To build our faith, it requires that we take leaps of faith every day.

Man MIRACLES are awesome! Herbert Santiago, he's 82. But the dude is progressing a ton and I truly believe that it's because of the testimonies of the members that have gone with us. Honestly in every lesson I just feel like giving up because it always sounds like he's not going to accept what we teach him and ask him to do... but then when you least expect it, he makes some comment out of the blue and we're like, “YES THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO HEAR.” Example: We taught him the Sabbath day. But he wasn't really into it. He was like, "well I have my agency and I can do what I want. If I don't like red apples I don't have to eat them." And I was like oh crap he's not going to commit to keep the Sabbath day holy. Then at the end he says, "but I know it's right and I'm going to church on Sunday!" So that was awesome. And he came and he loved it again!

Second miracle. Julio is a recent convert of Elder Corales. He got baptized like a month before I got to San German. And now he's the assistant to the Ward Mission Leader. He helps a lot when he can to visit people and he's been a huge help with Herbert! But the best part of the week was on Saturday. We had a meeting about the missionary work and Nestor (the ward mission leader) says, "ok so who have we got preparing to be baptized?" And we mentioned all our investigators. Then Julio says "write down 'Natasha Gonzalez' please" and I was like WHAT but nobody else knew who she was because I had met her before. We were already going out with Julio to do visits after the meeting, so while we were out we stopped by his house and talked with Natasha. She was super sick so we gave her a Priesthood blessing and talked a little, and just ended by inviting her to church. Then in the car back home, Julio says "yeah Natasha told me she wants to be Mormon" And we just kinda sat there like struck dumb hahaha. On Sunday, she came to church and loved it and got signed up for a young single adult trip they're doing. But get this. She came to church completely healthy. She said that 30 minutes after we left, she was fine. She didn't have to take any of the medicine they had bought her. She couldn’t even talk when we were there, but she came to church talking like nothing had ever happened. The Priesthood is real!

So after church we went and visited them and taught the Restoration and it was a super solid lesson. She's super prepared and has some of the best help that anyone could ever have as someone learning more about the church. She accepted a date for the 22nd! Honestly there are miracles all over the place if we just have faith and work for them!

AND the zone has a goal of 22 baptisms in April. Which sounds kinda like a long shot considering we only got like 4 last month. The last week on March, the zone had 0 baptismal dates for April. Now we have 29 dates as a zone and people are pumped to reach the goal. It's been really rewarding to work lately. There's just been a lot of cool stuff happening!

I love the mission. I know that this is His true church. He died for us and was resurrected so that we too can be resurrected. I know that He is the head of this church and guides it through a living prophet. All the truths and ordinances we have today, were restored through living prophets. We truly are blessed to know the truth! Happy Easter!!

Love you all!
Elder Nelson

T-minus 9 weeks woop woop

Just realized it's been 3 weeks and I don't have a single picture with Elder Arteaga... I'll get it this week. Woop woop

Oh, plus I hope you've all gone to by now and seen the video that came out recently about Christ, His sacrifice, and His resurrection. It's really cool. Share it please!
me and Elder Cook
me and Elder Lopez
We made some mexican food with a family yesterday. I don't remember what it's called but it was really good! The thing is, that it takes a lot of work to make just a little bit of food...

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