Monday, April 3, 2017

General Conference hits you in the heart!

GENERAL CONFERENCE ESTA BRUTAL hahaha no but really it just hits you in the heart!

This week was a week of small miracles, being able to teach some people that have a lot of potential. So here's an update:

Herbert Santiago: He's 82 and he's super smart and even though it seems like he sleeps in our lessons, he's always paying attention. We were super worried about teaching him the Word of Wisdom this week because he says he's a salve to the coffee... and he has a baptismal date for the 15th. But we taught it and then at the end of the lesson asked him "so... will you commit to it?" And then his granddaughter walks in and says, "Herbert doesn't drink coffee. He's gone a whole week without it!" LIKE WHOA WHAT A MIRACLE!! So we were able to talk a little more and he's really really wanting to be ready to be baptized on the 15th! I know that it was our preparation and concern for him that made it possible for him to feel the need to drop the coffee a week early. Still don't know why he did it, but it's an answer to our prayers.

Carlos Reyes: He's about 40 years old. I contacted him with Elder Corales about 3 weeks ago and we didn't have a lot of contact. He was really interested in the Book of Mormon. So the other day I just texted him and we got him to agree to come to the church for a lesson. And man it was powerful teaching the Restoration in the chapel to a man who's completely open to it. But he didn't want to commit to a baptismal date. Work in progress ;)

Jean Luis: He's a new 19 year old we found the other day. We taught a solid Restoration to him and he seemed to really think about the possibility of having an eternal family. He has a lot of potential as well!

Conference really in the end I think just made me love the mission even more... The strength in being able to testify that we have a living prophet on the earth is amazing. I've felt the truth in that statement as I've testified of in and heard the testimonies of others this week. I love being a part of the true church of Jesus Christ. I know that it may be hard at times, but for that reason the prophet and the apostles gave us direct revelation on how to combat the obstacles!! It's true and all we have to do is simply live the principles of the gospel.

It's been raining a ton here which reminds me of OREGON!

10 weeks hahahahaa WOOOOOOOO

Love you all!
Elder Nelson
Me and Elder Mancilla (greenie). Wendy's parking lot exchange, photo at 9 at night. 

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