Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mother's Day! (30 more days)

Welp, this week was rough. We worked super hard and saw some really amazingly cool miracles but I'll just tell ya right now I don't feel like typing today hahahahaha

We're teaching a less active member from the DR who's here for like 6 months living with his wife and daughter who aren't members. So we've gone by and taught like twice now and it's one of the most interesting things ever. Because the wife doesn't quite believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God it makes the lessons really interesting. It's kinda like teaching Herbert again because she asks tons of questions and we really have to think in order to answer them. But it's all good, the daughter named Angie has a son that's 5 years old named DiAngelo and he's super cool. But at the end of our last lesson she asked "so how can I know if this is true?" which is like the best question an investigator can ask. So she's got some potential!

We found a lady this week named Lillian and she told us that she's Catholic but "doesn't reject the word of God" So we taught her and it was a super solid lesson and she felt the spirit as we talked about the restoration and then she says "I know that God must have sent you to me for a reason" and then she accepted a date for the 3rd of June! She's super cool and really sincere and has a whole family that we're going to visit tonight!

Michael is 18 and has a lot of interest in the gospel. He understands everything really well and it's just cool to see how it's making sense in his head. He's just such a good guy and wants to do what's right, I really hope he can be baptized in May. He has a date for the 28th so we gotta get him to church!

We've faced a lot of obstacles lately as we've tried to teach more young people... there's always some kind of family member that gets in the way of their progress, but it's been fun to work around the obstacles and see how their testimonies shine.

This week I was able to do an exchange with Elder Hortin in Isabela and it was really cool to be with him. Last time I did an exchange in Isabela I was with Elder Glissmeyer and we found a 24ish year old girl named Isabel who lived in Utah for a year on an internship and had gone to church once and has friends that are Mormons and will be going back to Utah in the winter to work and live, so she received us really well. This last Saturday I was able to go back and teach her again and it's just really cool how the simple invitation that her friend in Utah made to come to church and receive a Book of Mormon has helped her to receive the gospel here and be really interested in it. Honestly even though the attempt of her friend in Utah to share the gospel with her might not have born fruits at that time, I know we were led to her on the exchange and that she was being prepared to receive the gospel here in Puerto Rico! She's super cool and we're hoping that soon she'll make the decision to be baptized!

So always make the effort to share the gospel and don't get down when you don't see the results right away!

Love you all and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! You're the best!

30 days man eso esta brutal ;)

Elder Nelson

May 2017 MLC (Mission Leader Council)

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