Monday, May 29, 2017

Working to the end! And it's hot, hot, hot!

Se nota en cada foto de la actividad hoy que tengo el cuello super rojisimo pero blanco a la misma vez... por ser gringo jajajajaa

Wow what a week, honestly it was a really stressful week I think. We found some cool people and taught a lot... but in the end nobody came to church. We were expecting like 5 people, but in the end, nobody showed up. And it was like the most important Sunday they could have come to! Because President Gonzalez from the Presidency of the Area Caribe came and visited the ward in San German. He talked and gave lessons and it was just an amazing Sunday, seriously the spirit was soooo strong there!!

We're still working with Rafael, but he has to work on leaving the church he goes to right now. He loves the doctrine and has learned a TON! But still has a connection to the other church... People just don't change very easily. So he didn't come... if he had come he would have loved it!

We're still working with Rubi also. She's making progress but didn't make it to church because they were in San Juan this weekend.

But for right now those are the people we're working with a lot to get baptized before I leave!

Today we had a district activity in Cabo Rojo exploring some caves... but man it was super freaking hot and all I did was sweat. It was a really cool activity but man it was hot hot hot!

Gotta go because it's a holiday and we have to share the computers... love you all!

See you in 17 days!
Elder Nelson
District activity today in Cabo Rojo.  Me and my companion, Elder Arteaga
 Elder Willes, Bradford and I
 me and Elder Bradford
 Exploring caves in Cabo Rojo today
 just a part of the district... Hna Rodriguez, Elder Bradford, Elder Bauregard, Elder Murillo

The elders in action

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