Monday, May 22, 2017

Hot, Tired & Happy.


I feel like I'm gonna die literally every day. I think the 2 years has just taken a toll on me, plus the extreme heat that has hit me like a brick wall lately...

This week we had some disappointments as usual, but it was sad for us (for me especially) because Michael, who has been progressing really well lately, told us that he doesn't want to hear anything else from us. Just out of nowhere told us that he's done. I thought he was going to be baptized for sure but obviously that's not quite what he has planned apparently.

But we spent a lot of time finding new people to teach this week and we were able to find a man named Rafael, who's super special. I think he's missing an eye (ironic that I'm not super sure because I couldn't see very well hahahhaa). But he's super cool and knows a ton about the bible and stuff, but the best part is that he loves the Book of Mormon and wants to read it. He says it just makes sense! He accepted a date for the 10th of June and has loads of potential. Super cool guy. It just shows that you can't judge anybody! When I contacted him on an exchange, he was all sweaty and gross and obviously missing an eye. I had no idea he would be so cool!!

We also found a cool family on our exchange and went back and taught them on Sunday and it was another super cool experience! It's really amazing how a true testimony can help someone to feel the spirit and want to learn more. The mom of this family was asking all the right questions! Honestly that's like the best feeling in the world as a missionary, when your teachings work and contacting lead you to someone who has the questions that our message answers... it's cool!!

Rubi is progressing towards her date for the 10th, but she's in the middle of graduation stuff so it's been hard for her to come to church. But I'm confident that she'll make the date!

I'm super happy to be here on the mission. I have like super mixed feelings about coming home but I really know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. El la dirige y se han restaurado todas las cosas necesarias para poder regresar a la presencia de Dios un dia. Se que El vive y sufrio por nosotros para proveer el camino para ser personas nuevas y limpias del pecado! Somos hijos e hijas especiales de Nuestro Padre Celestial y el quiere que lleguemos a ser como el un dia! Amo poder servir como representante de Jesucristo.

Les quiero a toditos! Espero que google Translate les sirva!

Elder Nelson

Elder Arteaga and I with Ramon, who was the baptism of the sisters Rodriguez and Medina here in San German
 ELDER BRADFORD (the big one, a giant stud)
Elder Bauregard (greenie, mas chiquito)

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