Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Miracle of Herbert's baptism

It's been super crazy lately. This last week was pretty nuts but I think it was one of the most important weeks of my mission as far as learning and working goes. We did an exchange Monday night thru Tuesday, and then another Tuesday night thru Wednesday and it was just super nuts. We were like all over the west side of the island working with different missionaries trying to help everyone see the goal of the mission and get excited about the work. I did an exchange one day with Elder Perez in San German, and the next day I was in Aguadilla with Elder Mancilla.

Herbert got baptized! That was a serious battle. On Monday we found out that his heart was enlarged and he wasn't getting proper blood flow through his body. So we were super worried, like what if this old man dies on us before we can get him baptized! We prayed a ton that things would go well. Then we visited him and found out that he was probably going to need open heart surgery to fix his problems... Even worse. At this point we were just scared that we were going to lose our friend Herbert, because the outcome didn't sound very good! We visited him on Tuesday and got him to realize that we love him and God loves him and has given him the opportunity to be baptized and change his life. So he committed to be baptized, but we couldn't get him to accept a date. On Wednesday they went back to teach him after he came back from the doctor and Elder Arteaga and Elder Flores told me that he accepted a date for Saturday!

Turns out, he went to the doctor and he doesn't have to have the open heart surgery! They let him go without any problems! It was seriously a miracle... We have no idea how the results changed but I think it all had to do with his desire to be baptized and make this covenant with God. So, we got him ready and on Saturday he was baptized!

After he was baptized they gave Herbert the opportunity to bear his testimony and I think it blew everybody's socks off... He got up and just talked so powerfully and really you could tell and see the conversion that he went through as he made the decision to be baptized, it was super cool.

Also second part of the miracle of Herbert's baptism: I don't think that we would have been able to achieve his baptism if it wasn't for Elder Flores. He came in and was able to give all the right answers and help Herbert see that this was the right thing to do. The Lord put Elder Flores with us so that we could see this miracle in our area!

Over the two weeks that we were with Elder Flores we saw him change a ton. From an elder that wanted to go home and abandon the mission, to an elder that is now determined to make the most of his mission and fulfill the purpose that the Lord has given him here in Puerto Rico. We had tons of spiritual experiences just talking with him every night and it all gave me a really new perspective on the mission and our work here!

Oh, and Juan the Dominican runner came to church on Sunday and loved it! So we're hoping that he can progress towards his date for the 14th!

On one of the exchanges, I was walking home to the Aguadilla house with Elder Mancilla and on the side of the road was a guy with a bloody leg and a 4 foot alligator all duct taped up on the side of the freeway! I guess he saw it, stopped and got out of his Mercedes Benz and tackled the alligator... and apparently it got a good chunk out of his leg. But he caught it, hahahahaha.

That same day as I was in Aguadilla and Elder Arteaga and Flores and Higgins were in San German, they were walking over a bridge when they saw what looked like a horse drowning in the river. So they went down and found an 18 year old kid pulling a yellow rope connected to his horse in the water... AND THE HORSE WAS SWIMMING hahahahaahaha so they taught the kid right there by the river and set a baptismal date with him!! Crazy things happen in PR.

Love you all!
Elder Nelson
Los guapos, sabios, finos jajajajajajaja
Transfers with Elder Flores
 Con los Mexicanos mas duros!! Elder Munoz is now zone leader in Caguas and I got a pic with the stud ;)
 We went to La Parguera again but this time we did more exploring
 Elder Gil esta muertooooo
sending off Elder Stringam to his house this morning!
I drove for like 16 hours on Tuesday doing transfers and my eyes hurt like crap, so Elder Flores gave me these glasses that seem to be helping hahahaaha we put 645 miles on the car in 2 days and did 2 loops around the whole island hahaha wooooooooo
 Todos quieren a FLORES
It's a play on words in spanish...

 dude with the alligator he caught

Elder Flores and I in a big E
P O N C E 
 Arteaga is always messing around when it's time to be serious. Pic creds to: Little Vicky

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