Monday, May 8, 2017



Tuesday and Wednesday we spent like 22 hours in the car in total and man that just sucks the life out of me. But the rest of the week was pretty cool! We were able to set a lot of baptismal dates this week with new people, and we found a lot of young people to teach and work with!

We have Michael who's 18 and is a gymnast and actually is friends with a member. He accepted a date for the 28th of May.

Adrian is 25 and lives in a house that Hermano Olmo has rented out in Sabana Grande. He's a really cool kid and knows a ton about the bible and stuff, so it's really easy to teach him. He came to church yesterday!

Juan is the Dominican who's super cool and came to church 2 weeks ago. This week we weren't able to see him because he was in the DR running in a competition all week. But we heard from the other Dominicans that live in the apartment that he won his races! So that's cool. We're still working to get him baptized this week if everything goes well.

German is a guy that's like 45 and really wants to be baptized! He is working on quitting smoking and drinking coffee so that he can be baptized on the 20th. He wasn't able to make it to church because his uncle came and picked him up at 8am yesterday unexpectedly. Next week!

We're now starting to work again with Rubi, who is the daughter of a recent convert family that wasn't baptized with everyone else. She's insanely smart and knows everything about the lessons and stuff. She just has to recognize her answer I guess. Her date is June 10th since she won't be in San German for a few weeks due to registration in the college in Ponce where she'll be studying soon.

The zone has a goal to hit 27 baptisms in May! We had a total of 7 in April so we just have to quadruple the baptisms in order to get the 27! But really the zone has changed a lot lately and we already have 31 baptismal dates for May, just waiting for the missionaries to get all their investigators to church... That's the hard part! But with lots of faith we'll definitely be able to see miracles in each area.

Herbert is still Herbert... super funny and always making jokes! Sometimes he seems to be like too smart for some of the lessons in church because he thinks too in depth hahahahahaa and then the teacher has to find some super in depth way to explain the example or something.  Always on your toes with Herbert!

Natasha is good as well! Loves to work with the Young Single Adults and stuff.

Love you all! Que tengan una semana bien brutal brodel porque la vida 'ta goofia'o y hay que disfrutarla jajajajjaja



Live action pic on the church couch waving what I think is a handmade toilet paper holder... Pic creds again to little Vicky, hahahaha

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